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Cort AC250 Classical Guitar Solid Top

Cort AC250 Classical Guitar Solid Top

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Cort AC250 Classical Guitar

Solid Top

The traditional style AC models have been re-engineered to improve resonance for an authentic classical guitar sound. The nice combination of tone-woods yields a traditional, deep and delightfully mellow tone. Cort AC series is very forgiving of student mistakes,requiring slightly less precision and sharpness for a good tone. AC250 features Solid Cedar top, Pau Ferro back and sides, Ovangkol fingerboard and Savarez crystal strings.



SOLID RED CEDAR TOP Compared to spruce, cedar is a bit mellower and warmer. The midrange is slightly accentuated with a sweeter top-end, making cedar ideal for players who fingerpick a lot and prefer a slightly rounder and fuller sound.


PAU FERRO BACK & SIDES Pau Ferro, also known as Morado, Santos Rosewood or Bolivian Rosewood boasts many of the qualities that are highly regarded in a tonewoods. It’s stable, abrasion resistant, hard, attractive, exotic and has good impression strength parallel to the grain.



CLASSICAL HEAD VOLUTE The volute makes the player’s left thumb feel comfortable during playing to enhance playability.