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Hohner MS Series Pro Harmonica in Eb
Hohner MS Series Pro Harmonica in Eb

Hohner MS Series Pro Harmonica in Eb

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Hohner MS Series Pro Harmonica 

Key Eb -10 Hole "Blues Harp"


Powerful sound, rugged good looks and roadworthy durability. That’s the Hohner MS Series Pro Harmonica in Eb. Often known as the Rock Harp, its all black design melds the plastic comb of the Big River Harp with the cover form of the Blues Harp to create a potent combination, the perfect companion with which to venture into the world of rock music and add your own final touch to the sound of guitar riffs, bass and drums. Like all our MS instruments, it’s equally suitable for beginners and advanced players.

Key Features:

  • Tuning: Eb.
  • Richter model.
  • 20 Reeds.
  • Strong sound.
  • With MS-System.
  • Comb made from ABS.
  • Mouthpiece: ABS.
  • Reed plate made from brass.
  • Reeds plate 0.9 mm thick.
  • Colour: Black/Brass.


Reed Plates (Material, Thickness) Brass, 0.9 mm
Reed Plates (Surface) Brass
Reeds (Number, Material) 20, Brass
Comb (Material, Color) ABS, Black
Comb (Finish) ABS
Mouthpiece (Surface) ABS
Cover plates Stainless Steel, Black Lacquered
Type Diatonic
Tuning Richter
Number of Holes 10
Tonal Range 3 Octaves
Length 10.5 cm / 4.1"