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NuX NUX-OL Octave Loop Looper Pedal

NuX NUX-OL Octave Loop Looper Pedal

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NuX NUX-OL Octave Loop

Looper Pedal


Octave Loop is a basic looper pedal but it comes with unlimited layers and up to 5 minutes of recording in high quality 24-bit uncompressed sound. You can plug the Octave Loop to any position on your setup, whether front or behind of your effect chain, the Octave Loop will playback your sound in the original quality.  


    5 mins recording time
    24-bit uncompressed recording
    Arrow displays letting you to see the recording
    Normal recording & auto-recording
    -1 octave effect
    3 stop modes
    Powered by battery or AC adaptor
    Dimensions: 122(L) x 64(W) x 48(H)mm