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Vox  V845 Classic Wah Pedal Guitar Effect Pedal

Vox V845 Classic Wah Pedal Guitar Effect Pedal

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Vox V845 Classic Wah Pedal

Product Description

Legendary Wah-Wah tone in a new sturdy but very affordable design.

VOX developed the world’s first Wah-Wah effect during the 60s in an effort to allow guitarists to emulate the sound of a trumpet being muted — An important musical ingredient of the day. VOX’s original Wah-Wah pedal quickly gained widespread popularity and its unique sonic characteristics have encouraged further experimentation by guitarists ever since. Having made spotlight appearances on some of the most famous recordings of all time, the Wah-Wah is still considered “must-have equipment” for guitar players of all levels and abilities today.